Platform FAQ

Does the Arrayent Cloud support floating point numbers?

Not at the moment. See Data Types Reference for a list of supported data types.

One way to represent data as floating point numbers is to define the Device Attribute as a string.

Another approach is to just use integers and designate the precision. E.g. a value of 100 really means 10.0.

How can I determine my Application ID?

The Arrayent Cloud returns your Application ID in the response for systemLogin. You can store this Application ID in a constant and use it throughout your application, because Arrayent wouldn’t change it without your consent.

How do I send SMS text messages to international phone numbers?

011 <country code> <phone number>

Make sure that your CDYNE API keys have been set up to send international messages from a single phone number (not from a pool of numbers).

When creating alerts, what is the purpose of the Auto-Disarm field?

See Auto-Disarm in Alerts Guide.

Can you configure multiple push notification certificates under the same application ID?

Yes, you can configure multiple push notification certificates under the same application ID.

How many devices can be claimed to one user account?

The Arrayent Cloud does not have a hard limit on the number of devices that can be added to a single user account. However, the recommended limit is 20 devices. When you have more than 20 devices and make web service calls that perform batch operations, such as retrieving the values of all device attributes, the responses from the cloud become large and difficult to process.

Why can’t I create SMS alerts?

Make sure that the addTrigger API call includes the phone number with the “+” sign and the country code. For US numbers this will be +18885551212.