API Codes and Messages

Code Description
1 Unknown exception in Arrayent switch
2 Invalid device name
3 Invalid device password
5 Device does not exist
6 Device is not available
10 Invalid login session
20 Message came from invalid source endpoint
101 Invalid login name or password
103 Invalid user attribute name
104 Invalid device attribute name
105 Invalid device type name
106 Invalid security token
107 Permission denied or resource not found
108 Name has already been used in database
109 Device does not exist
110 Device is currently associated with a different user account
111 User does not exist
112 The device type is used by an attribute definition. It can not be deleted
113 The trigger does not exist
114 The device type does not exist
115 Database error: foreign key violation
116 Invalid user internal ID
117 Name is required
118 Internal database error
119 The user is not a system use
120 Name has already been used and can not be deleted
121 Invalid pts parameter (pts MUST be greater than 0)
122 Invalid page number (page number MUST be greater than 0)
123 Invalid page size (page size MUST be greater than 0)
124 Invalid user type
125 Access denied to this application
126 There aren’t devices associated to this device type
127 The value size is greater than allowed
128 Invalid user mobile attribute name
129 The mobile is already added to the user attribute
130 The api call request has at least one empty or null parameter that is required
131 The mobile platform is not supported
132 The phone does not exist in the system
133 The type number is invalid
139 Target devices cannot have the same device id and attribute name as the trigger definition
141 The device attribute does not exist in the system
142 The trigger action is invalid or deprecated
143 The device is offline
144 Password is required
145 The application environment is not supported
146 The value does not match the specified data type
147 The value is not a valid URL
148 The message is required
149 The parameter “{0}” is required
150 The configuration was updated
151 The specified collection of attribute values can not be set in one operation; break into multiple compatible operations
152 Must have at least one target device
155 It is not possible to set a hardware attribute to null
156 Invalid user application ID
160 The specified operator is only supported for String Threshold
161 The specified operator is not supported for String Threshold
162 Can’t add more than 10 emails per alert
163 Can’t add more than 10 phones per alert
164 The addresses exceed the maximum of 1000 characters allowed per alert
170 The product or product key was not found
171 Invalid parent user
172 Unable to create user
173 Invalid token
174 The email provided is already in use
175 Username is required
176 ApplicationId is required
177 Invalid username
178 Invalid username or recovery code
179 Unable to activate user
180 Activation code is required
181 Account activation pending
182 Duplicate expirable token
183 StringThreshold does not have a valid regex pattern
202 Request time out
203 Zamport web services internal connection error
204 API key is invalid
205 Invalid device ID
206 Duplicated username
300 Message was sent
301 The target phone explicitly requested to stop any further messaging
302 The license associated with the application is invalid
303 The specified phone is not valid
304 The message is not valid
305 The SMS account is suspended. Contact customer support
306 The SMS service is not available. Contact customer support
307 An internal system error took place. Contact customer support
308 The allowed number of SMS messages has exceeded the allocated quota
309 The accessor did not have permission to execute the operation
310 Message was sent
311 The specified email is not valid
312 The message is not valid
313 Could not connect to Mail Host. Contact customer support
314 An internal system error took place. Contact customer support
315 Permission denied. Bad credentials
316 Could not send mail with the specified SSL configuration
317 URI Syntax is incorrect
318 The URL format is not valid
319 The connection with the provided URL couldn’t be established
320 Error downloading remote file. Please check available space disk and permissions
321 Error calculating file checksum
323 The file size exceeds the limit allowed
324 Email parameter is required
325 At least one of the specified parameters is invalid
326 Invalid Alert Definition Configuration specified or invalid format
327 The enumerator value already exist for the selected device type
328 The parameter “{0}” is not valid
329 Invalid password format
330 The password must be different to previous
331 The user name or password does not match
332 Duplicate device type
333 Unable to create device type
334 Invalid device type definition
335 The notification template is not found
336 Invalid recovery code
337 Invalid notification type “{0}”
338 Invalid notification content “{0}”
339 Invalid activation code
340 Invalid token
341 Recovery code is required
342 Invalid device attribute data type
343 The {0} value should have a maximum size of {1}
344 Language “{0}” is not supported
346 Device is already associated to the user account
347 Invalid certificate
348 The specified Native Device Type already has a mapping defined for that application
349 The native device type mapping does not exist
350 Missing required parameter
351 Missing required parameter {0}
352 The application configuration does not exist for “{0}” value of parameter mobileAppName
353 Invalid auto flag configuration. The flags autoDelete, autoDisable, autoDisarm are mutually exclusive
354 {0} exceeds the maximum payload size=[{1}]. Attributes are dropped!!!
355 Attribute list can not be empty
400 The specified Multilanguage Message Template is not well formed
401 The Locale {0} is not supported
402 Invalid message length. It must be shorter than {0} characters
403 The Multilanguage Message Template {0} does not exist
405 The Locale {0} is repeated
406 The Locale “en” is required
500 Invalid device type
504 Invalid operator {0} for string threshold
505 Invalid operator {0} for numeric threshold
507 No definitions found for the specified device type [{0}]
800 The device event does not exist
801 The user event does not exist
802 Null or empty event payload parameter
803 Invalid dimension name
804 Invalid sort field
805 Invalid sort direction
1000 Interface is not supported
1001 Internal error
2000 Server data processing error