Platform Overview


Arrayent IoT Platform Features

  • Secure: Arrayent Connect Cloud is vetted through third-party security audits conducted by the world’s most trusted brands. Arrayent employs 128-bit AES encryption to protect data packets travelling between products and the Connect Cloud. A flexible AES key management system supports numerous encryption key exchange business rules.
  • Reliable: Hosted across redundant servers and mirrored across geographically separated data centers, Arrayent’s Connect Platform provides reliability on which global brands can depend. If a hardware or network failure takes down one server, data is still available at other locations.
  • Scalable: Uses modern communication switch architecture to deliver low-cost, scalable, bi-directional communication service, ensuring maximum reliability at minimum cost.
  • Low Latency: Arrayent Connect-powered products achieve 200-400ms end-to-end response times.
  • Device Virtualization: Enables virtual devices to mirror physical devices. The Connect Cloud web services APIs and Agent work together to ensure that changes to virtual devices (through mobile apps interfacing to the Cloud’s RESTful APIs) and changes to physical devices (e.g. temperature change) stay in synch.
  • Device Protocol Interpreter: Provides a consistent interface that enables one communication module SKU with standard firmware to support brands with 1000s of product SKUs with a low-cost, scalable development approach.
  • Rules Engine: Creates an alert condition based on Boolean rules (e.g., if door opens, an alert message is sent). Alerts can be programmed to trigger on virtually any possible condition. Alerts can trigger response actions in products which generate alerts or other connected products.
  • Push Notification: Manage alert messages via smartphone (iOS, Android) push notifications, email, SMS and HTTP; includes multi-language support.
  • Over-the-Air (OTA) Firmware Updates: Supports over-the-air firmware downloads to products and hubs/bridges
  • Customer support UI: Improve connected product support with a comprehensive view into the customer’s product status. Customers can be located through searches by customer or device ID. In addition, support staff can remotely view current status and manage device attributes and rules, as well as add or remove devices.
  • Product Designer UI: Defines product and customer data models, global behaviors, customer accounts, customer attributes and localization. The tool automatically creates web services APIs specific to your environment.
  • Developer UI: Enables web-based GUI development to view the status of connected devices prior to the development of a web or smartphone application.
  • Android and iOS Mobile App SDKs: Provides API abstraction and functions related to interfacing with the Arrayent Cloud.
  • Device management: Provides management for devices’ unique ID, AES-keys, user binding, firmware versions, and more.
  • User management: Includes capabilities for password, password reset, device binding, account details and more.
  • Arrayent Connect Agent: Connects to an extensive number of embedded computing platforms from Atmel, Cypress, Marvell, NXP, MediaTek, Texas Instruments. FCC-certified modules from Azurewave, Murata, MXCHIP, Texas Instruments, and USI. Raspberry Pi and x86 Linux are supported too. LAN-agnostic and supports any LAN protocol, including Wi-Fi, Thread, ZigBee, Z-Wave, and proprietary protocols. It is lightweight requiring less than 20 KB of Flash and 7 KB of RAM memory resources (depending on the platform)
  • EcoAdaptor for Nest: Enables customers to quickly integrate with Nest Cloud, tracking Nest status like home/away and automatically acting upon status changes. Also allows applications to control Nest devices on selected actions
  • Data Services: Snapshots (daily view), Streams (real-time updates) and DataSights (parquet files) for data applications analysis of the IoT devices and end user activity